About Us

Dr. Heather L. Cardin

Dr. Heather L. Cardin has been practicing alongside her husband, Dr. Ralph S. Cardin, for the past 19 years. Besides being a passionate practitioner, she is a mother of four boys. She is active in her church and her children’s school.

Dr. Heather received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City in 1997. Drs. Heather and Ralph opened their first chiropractic office in her home town of Paola, Kansas in 1998. She is now currently practicing in Overland Park, Kansas. Her patients benefit from her knowledge and expertise, drawing from her extensive training in diagnostic technology, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture and nutrition. Dr. Heather has extended the scope of chiropractic treatment into physical, mental and chemical aspects of the patient’s health challenges. She has extensive experience in chiropractic case management, family care, sports injuries, herbology, kinesiology and nutrition. Dr. Heather is a passionate practitioner who utilizes many techniques in order to promote wellness in her patients.

Dr. Ralph S. Cardin

Dr. Ralph has practiced with his wife, Dr. Heather L. Cardin, for the past 19 years. Not only do they work together successfully, they work relentlessly in raising their four beautiful children together.

Dr. Ralph S. Cardin has a passion for problem solving. His attention to detail and thirst for new treatment options has helped many of his patients recover from health problems that no other practioner has been able to solve. In addition to his chiropractic and acupuncture training, he has a specialty degree as a Diplomat in Diagnosis and Internal Disorders and nutrition. This special training and experience allows Dr. Ralph to treat most health problems through the lens of natural medicine. If he does feel that you need outside medical care he has several qualified medical specialists that he can refer you to for the best care possible.

Dr. Ralph is passionate about giving his patients the best care possible. He will work tirelessly to help you resolve your health care concerns.