For the most part, people look for the magic bullet or the quick fix. Medications and nutritional products became the focus by the patient and doctor-not lifestyle changes. We create a personalized plan for the medical and lifestyle needs. Our program will teach you how to take control of your health and improve the quality of life. Through our Nutritional Counseling program we will customize a program based on your metabolism, lean mass and activity level. Our state of the art customized nutritional program will provide with you with proper number of meals, size of meals and goal weight and your personal exercise program to meet your needs and goals for long term results based on credible nutritional research recommendations.

We specialize in nutritional counseling for:

  • Blood sugar management, reducing risk for diabetes
  • Improve metabolism and energy level
  • Reducing risk for heart disease and cancer
  • Anti- aging program
  • Sports nutrition to improve performance
  • Weight loss, management and control

According to the American cancer society 70% of you risk for cancer comes from Lifestyle and Diet and only 30% of your risk is from genetics. Overall, heart disease and cancer rates have increased every year in America in the last 100 years. as a society, we are eating less fat and the National Institute of Health reports more that half of Americans are overweight.

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