What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic adjustments are a specialized technique which improves spinal and extremity joint function. By restoring normal joint function, pain and tension can be significantly reduced.

Anyone who has been to more than one Chiropractor will know that there are many different types of adjustments and treatments used. In our office, Dr. Heather and Dr. Ralph practice with a diversified chiropractic technique. Simply put, this means that they use a wide variety of different adjustments based on the individual patient’s condition and their needs. Traditional adjustments as well as gentle low force adjustments are available. Some of the techniques used include Flexion. Distraction traction technique, Thompson, SOT and Activator and Applied Kinesiology. We treat patients of all ages from babies and children to the elderly. Adjustments and treatments are available for back and neck pain as well as joint pain in the extremities.

In addition to adjustments, most patients can improve their recovery time with the use of modalities to relax muscles such as ultrasound and muscle stimulation. Acupuncture can be integrated into your chiropractic care as well.