Immune System Dysfunction

Did you know that children respond exceptionally well to natural care? Not only for chiropractic care, but many minor childhood illness can be easily managed with natural interventions. Natural care provides effective relief where antibiotics are often ineffective. Many minor respiratory illnesses, colds, otitis media, and flu illnesses respond to natural supplements, which enhance our own ability to fight off these illnesses. We can examine your child’s ears, nose and throat, as well as perform strep tests or throat cultures to diagnose their illness and give an effective and natural remedy.

By allowing your child’s own immune system handle these illnesses they will build stronger and longer lasting immunity.

The immune system is a marvelous creation that is so intelligent and well designed that its brilliance still intrigues us today.  The immune system is responsible, not only for our ability to fight off the common cold, but to fight off many more serious diseases such as cancer as well.  When we look at many of the methods used by the immune system to accomplish this one must wonder why the immune system goes awry and what can be done to set it back on the correct course.

There are many suspected and well known causes of immune system weakness.  These causes can range from vitamin and mineral deficiencies to toxicities.  The symptoms of immune dysfunction can be as variable as the causes.

When looking for the cause of immune dysfunction the doctor must act like a detective and take a very through case history.  The cause could start with a vaccination reaction that was not noticed or by exposure to a toxin or increased stress or even a food allergy.

The immune system can over react (autoimmune disease) or under react (weak immune response) to a particular antigen.  Laboratory testing for immune disease may be employed to determine the cause and extent of the problem.  Immune dysfunction can manifest itself as inflammation, joint pain, rash, infection, fatigue or a myriad of other symptoms.

Natural medicine is in the business of normalizing immune function.  There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to working on immune function.  There is no better way to insure your health than to focus on immune function.