Female Hormone Concerns

Female hormone concerns are some of the most common issues that we deal with in our clinic on a daily basis.  There are many different hormonal problems that can be addressed with a holistic approach.  The approach is simple.  We need to examine hormonal imbalance from the perspective of how the body produces and breaks down hormones in a natural manner and then look to find out why the body is no longer doing this and then support the body in a way so as to allow the body to heal and restore normal balance.
The manufacture and degradation of hormones needs to be examined and the systems responsible for these processes need to be supported.  The liver and the adrenal glands deserve particular attention.  The liver is responsible for the breakdown and elimination of sex hormones such as estrogen.  The ratio of estrogen to progesterone is particularly important and these hormones can be measured using either blood or saliva.  The ratio must be properly balanced for optimum health.  The rate of production and the rate of hormonal degradation must be balanced.  Improving the detoxification pathways of the liver and optimizing and supporting the adrenal glands are essential.

In order to determine what has gone awry with the hormonal system, hormones are often directly through blood or saliva.  Depending upon our findings, supplementation can balance the hormone system.  The ultimate goal is not to supplement with hormone on a long term basis, but to help balance the bodies systems that would normally regulate itself.

Female Hormones

With many common female health care concerns, hormones lie at the root of the problem. Now ladies, we know that hormones tend to get blamed for just about everything, and how many times have you heard “it’s just your hormones, don’t worry.” We feel that women have heard this so often that they assume that hormonal problems are just something they have to put up with and that there is no relief to be had. Often times, this is exactly the option we are given by our medical providers.

There is definitely more to hormones than you have been lead to believe, and there certainly are ways of evaluating and treating hormonal fluctuations that may be to blame for many conditions such as: irregular periods, infertility, menopause, and menstrual pain. The key is a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of what the specific hormone imbalance is. We have easy ways to evaluate hormone levels to better understand your body’s cycle. Without evaluating your body’s hormone levels, prescribing a treatment is simply guessing. Many women are placed on birth control pills to regulate cycles without any knowledge of what hormonal irregularities are causing the problem or women are given hormone replacement as soon as they begin to show signs of menopause, assuming that lack of hormones is the problem.
Once we understand what is going on with your hormones, we can tailor a treatment program using a natural approach. This way you can avoid many of the negative side effects of pharmaceutical hormone therapies.
So don’t assume that your hormones are just something you have to live with, let us help.

Female Hormone Issues

Information from Diagnos-Techs, Inc. Clinical and Research Laboratory

Are infertility, PMS or fibroids a concern to you?

Our Expanded Female Hormone Panel? test not only reveals any hormonal imbalances but also accurately indicates the basis of the problem. Hormone balancing is reduced to simple scientific principles using our well-structured report and recommendations.

Customized Hormone Therapy Available

Presently, female hormone therapy is not individualized to the needs of each woman because current diagnostic tests do not provide sufficient data. Consequently, most women are empirically treated without regard to their individualized physiology and specific needs. The FHPâ„¢ for the first time, will allow us to customize a therapy for each female patient.

  • Functional infertility
  • Influence of lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.) on the cycle
  • Menstrual problems originating in the brain
  • Early pregnancy problems – sponteneous miscarriage
  • Cycle irregularities, following the use of birth control pills
  • Dysmenorrhea, i.e., painful and heavy periods
  • Migraine headaches
  • Endometriosis and cystic ovarian disease
  • Early osteoporosis

Advantages of the FHPâ„¢ Test

1.Convenience:  requires no blood draws, therefore, no repeated clinic visits and avoids the inconvenience of the 24 hour urine collection.
2.Economy:  the fee for the 11-sample test is less than that of 2 blood determinations or a urine analysis for Estrogen and Progesterone.
3.Physiological Accuracy:  research has demonstrated that the free hormone fraction predominates in saliva. Hormones can be found free or bound to protein. The free hormone fraction is very important to ascertain because it is the bioactive fraction that most significantly influences living cells. The salivary female hormone levels correlate at 93% with the free hormones in the tissues.
One or two blood determinations or a 24-hour analysis of urine for these hormones cannot give an idea of the ovaries’ hormonal productivity. The FHPâ„¢ gives a good approximation of the ovarian capacity over a whole cycle.
To determine if the FHPâ„¢ Panel is appropriate for your female hormone concerns, call us today to schedule your consultation.