Being healthy is more than just an ansence of disease! Being healthy is soooooo much more!

Are you at your optimal state of health? Most people think that being healthy is the absence of disease. But there is so much more to health than this! True health is a state of feeling good, having energy, having a positive mindset, and vitality of body, mind and spirit. The characteristics of health can occur when your body’s chemistry is in balance, cells are nourished, and nutrients are being properly absorbed. So, how is it that some people work really hard at being healthy and are doing everything right, yet still are not able to achieve excellent health?

The truth is that optimal well-being sometimes takes more than a healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive mindset. You are unique, with no one else on the face of the earth exactly like you. Your needs are unique. You must meet your unique needs to realize your true potential. And not to worry, this only takes a little detective work to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back.

Is stress affecting your health? How balanced is your nervous system? These are all questions that we shoud be asking ourselves.

With all that being said I wanted to share with you what I have been integrating into the clinic. Our nervous system health to determine our overall health. In our clinic, we can run a test called Stress Response Exam ; this exam measures autonomic nervous system function (that is the part of the nervous system that runs 85-95% of all bodily functions) such as skin temperature, respiration rate, heart rate, etc. as well as an EEG. We place the person under 4 stressors and then then give them a chance to recovery from the stress so that we can determine what state their overall nervous system is in.

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