2012 Prepaid Wellness Plans

Start planning your health care plan for 2012! With increasing insurance premiums, deductibles and copay’s get on a treatment plan that is affordable for you. We want to offer a choice of chiropractic, acupuncture and wellness plans that meet your needs.

Plan 1:Unlimited chiropractic adjustments for the year 2012 for only $999. ( unlimited savings!)
Plan 2: Receive 1 chiropractic treatment a month for the entire year of 2012 for only $450 ( $210 savings)
Plan 3: Prepay for 8 chiropractic adjustment and receive 2 free.
Plan 4: Prepay for 10 acupuncture treatments and save $125. You pay $425.
Plan 5: Health and wellness consultation, save $100 on 4 sessions.
Plan 6: 1 month unlimited infra red sauna for only $195.

* Special plan offer expires Jan 31, 2012.

No insurance will be billed and all prepaid plans expire on December 31, 2012.